Business Security Tips

There are many ways you can protect your business and staff from security risks, including break-ins, vandalism, assaults, inventory theft and staff assaults.

Technology such as CCTV, access control and alarm and merchandise tagging and labelling systems are a good way to protect your business and staff.

Static guards onsite 24 hours a day will also offer a deterrent and protection to staff and merchandise. A monitored alarm system will contact our monitoring centre who will follow a predetermined action plan by you, and if required a security patrol car will be sent to your business.

An unmonitored alarm system sets off an alarm inside and outside when it is triggered, and can come complete with flashing or steady floodlights ensuring a lot of sound and light is brought to the site and has the advantage of scaring off the burglars before much damage can be done.

CCTV and alarm systems, incorporating motion detection and lights ensuring if any vandalism or break in does occur the footage can be shown to Police and insurance companies. If the cameras are monitored then police can be notified that proof of a break in is occurring in real-time.

CCTV is also a way to monitor in real time your business operations from an off site office or your personal mobile or tablet device while you are on the move.

Ways to protect your merchandise from theft include Security pins, labels and tags, RFID, CCTV security systems.

Adequate lighting is important for both the interior and exterior of your building. This allows safe passage for your staff to and from the business during the evening. Leave a light on when you leave for the night. This allows police or security to be able to see in to your premises in the case of a suspected break-in.

Protect your server room with access control and or cameras. Alarm systems and sensors can also help monitor the temperature in your communications room to ensure the room is kept at the right temperature for the proper functioning of your server equipment.

Intruder and duress systems protect your staff from possible assaults duress systems that can be integrated into the alarms system and report the back to base monitoring for quick response. Duress devices can be mounted under desks, worn as a pendant or necklace.

Boom gates and intercom systems act as barrier security control. Allowing staff to restrict entry to your premises via boom gates, pedestals, bollards and turnstile systems that can stand alone or integrate with your access control system.