Access Control

Access control systems allow easy card access for staff, contractors or visitors. Unlike conventional keys, access control means access can be granted to specified users and restrictions can be placed on certain areas or aspects of your business.

Wise Group Security is an accredited dealer and registered partner of CCTV and Access Control systems provided by companies including Bosch, Inner Range, Mobotix, Pacom and Tecom Challenger. We have Inner Range Advanced Technician accreditation and are Tecom Challenger and Forcefield certified. 

We provide intelligent security management systems capable of connecting hundreds of physical sites into a centralised security system, managed remotely. Whether your sites are located in the same city or across the country, creating a centralised system can be as simple as connecting to an available network. Our PC and facility monitoring can also provide notification by phone, SMS or email.

Wise Group Security offers boom gates, pedestals, bollards and turnstile systems for construction projects and large commercial sites; these systems can stand alone or integrate into a software controlled access system.

We also provide ID and proximity (swipe) card services for all your access requirements. We can design and customise cards to incorporate information including ID photos, company information and telephone numbers. Duress systems can also be incorporated into the cards, so that staff are not required to carry multiple devices.

Today’s access control applications provide companies with unlimited scalability and enable monitoring of single and multiple sites. These systems are easy to integrate into our clients' networks, and our technicians are experienced in large integration rollouts. By installing robust access control systems, facility managers are able to protect, monitor access and restrict entry to sensitive areas.