CCTV Video Surveillance

CCTV surveillance is now a component of many business risk systems, used not only to combat security issues but also to enhance workplace health and safety for site staff and visitors.

CCTV surveillance is a valuable tool to deter criminal activity; advances in technology mean that modern CCTV systems are able to combine large panoramic views over floors, large reception areas or site perimeters, as well as providing a tool for face recognition and number plate identification or verification.

CCTV systems monitor people and plant equipment on satellite sites via live networks, enabling your head office or security guard house to safeguard and verify security or workplace health and safety incidents in real time.

Customised commercial solutions and enhancements to existing systems

Wise Group Security uses the latest in CCTV technology, from leading brands including Bosch, Hik-vision and Pacom, and are suitable for all types of indoor and outdoor commercial environments.;

Security cameras can serve as virtual guards over busy areas such as loading zones, service lifts and kitchens without imposing physical restrictions on the movement of employees, keeping your business safe and productive.