Health & Aged Care Solutions

Wise Group Security offers services to many of the Australia’s largest government and privately operated health and aged care facilities.

Services include integrated security access control, duress alarm and CCTV systems, nurse call and paging systems, perimeter barriers, security risk and safety advice, and specialised security and safety personnel.

Wise Group Security provide access control solutions that allow staff to restrict access to certain areas of a facility, ensuring facilities operate efficiently, securely and safely.

Access control solutions also provide reporting useful for auditing and monitoring of not only staff movements through a facility but also equipment. Asset tracking technology can be implemented to provide better reporting of where equipment is located within a facility. This can be helpful for accounting purposes or for servicing and maintenance purposes across a large or multiple facilities.

We are also experienced in implementing solutions to ensure staff safety when operating off-site, using duress systems linked to the alarm and access control systems.