Access Control Systems

Access Control is a critical component of any business security solution. Controlling access to your business premises is a key function of your security provision.

Wise Group Security provide a range of integrated access control technologies, designed to suit all needs and budgets, including proximity readers, swipe cards, pin codes and biometric identification. Our access control systems can be integrated with a variety of other systems, including CCTV surveillance systems. Access control also provides a high level of security for applications such as network log-on, cashless vending, and managing start and finish times for construction or shift workers.

Access control systems also allow you to monitor employee and visitor movement, record time and attendance and restrict access to sensitive areas and manage after hours access. Our systems can be managed from a central location, should you have multiple business sites and reduce the reliance upon and associated costs of key and lock replacement.

The team at Wise Group Security will assist you in determining which access control system is best suited to your business needs, environment and budget.