Retail Security Solutions

The latest in integrated technologies makes it possible to combine CCTV, anti-theft, RFID, retail store intelligence and alarm and access control systems to provide you with the necessary information and security to control your retail business and minimise stock loss.

CCTV technology allows analytics to count, measure and analyse real-time motion, enabling people counting, heat mapping of movement hot spots, flow direction identification and number plate recognition. These features help clients to assess their daily operations. Access control (electronic door control) can be integrated with your CCTV to provide visual verification at the access points of your business.

Point of sale, remote viewing and monitoring, loss prevention, process optimisation and statistical behaviour measurement are features that improve productivity and reduce costs – saving you money.
Our integrated solutions allow you to:

  • View your business site from anywhere in the world, any time 
  • Deter theft and criminal activity 
  • Verify false alarms 
  • Support compliance with workplace health and safety legislation 
  • Monitor staff and customer safety
  • Improve financial performance through loss minimisation